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Hospice RN feeling ambivalent


Hi! I have been a med surg in acute setting for 7 years I am ways passionate about saving lives and looking into medical diagnosis and treatment.I am very confident with my skills and knowledge on Med Surg.I switched to Hospice nursing for about 6 months now and having second thoughts of pursuing...I find myself not looking forward to see my patient and families though I would say at Hospice I have better work life balAnce 5 days a week 8 hr shifts no weekends and no holidays.I thought that I would enjoy being a hospice nurse but most of the time I don't feel quite good as much as I did Med Surg I want to know what you think...Thanks

Most hospice nurses love what they do, otherwise I don't think we would be doing it. Everyone gets burned out now and then -- perhaps a vacation would give you a nice break, then see how you feel when you get back. Hospice nursing isn't for everyone. Some people prefer the crazy pace of med-surg. One thing you might consider is taking a job in a hospice house if you have one locally. That combines some of the pace and setting of med-surg with the goals of hospice.