Hospice respite care

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Can anyone share successful tips in explaining to the reluctant hospice patient that their caregiver needs a break without giving the impression that the patient is a burden?

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That is a tough one. This is not my area, but I would think putting the focus on the caregiver's concern for the patient being cared for while they are away instead of them needing to be away.



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I have had luck with a discussion about the team approach to hospice care and how the primary caregiver is one of the most important members of the team. Really build that up with how important it is for ALL of the team to have regular breaks.

Open communication about how to make a respite stay successful is good too if the patient is cognitive. One patient when asked how would respite routine be different from her room at home replied she wouldn't be able to have her two beers at night. Hospice physician was notified and respite facility was consulted and patient's respite orders included two beers administered ( served) by nursing staff at the facility. Family had to provide beer of course.?

She was a super sweet lady and loved us so much for asking, listening and making the effort.