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Hospice but related to holistic/spiritual

Christielhhc specializes in Tele, medsurg, home health & hospice. Reiki.

Hi, so if you look at my profile you will see I have been a nurse for several years basically in med-surg and home health field as well as case manager. I am seeking to start in hospice I do feel like I am called to that area. I am just very nervous as I have no hospice experience and I don't want to sabotage and not try out of fear. I just want to know like if any of you how did you overcome and what help you throughout your first few months or can you just tell me some positive as well. I know it's not all positive it's a special area of Nursing.


I have multiple job offers in the hospital on tele and home health but I feel like those are dead ends for me. More background info since I started my own therapy due to Childhood problems I have been drawn to more spiritual things. I am a Reiki practitioner which is an energy healer or energy healing therapy. As far as my last few jobs I have been quitting very frequently which is very hard to understand a lot of people don't understand and it's hard to explain as well. So hopefully someone even if it's one person out there understand. I'm just seeking advice on hospice nursing as a new hospice nurse and just positive inspiration. Thank you

TriciaJ specializes in Psych, Corrections, Med-Surg, Ambulatory.

If you feel drawn to hospice, then by all means start applying for hospice positions.  Hopefully, you will get a few interviews and interviews will not obligate you to accept a position that isn't right for you.

In the interview, sell the idea that you are an experienced nurse who feels drawn to hospice.  Try to articulate why.  I would not mention being a Reiki practitioner or anything else that isn't covered by your nursing license.  The reason is that your prospective employers will start wondering about scope-of-practice and liability issues.

Be prepared to ask questions about what the job entails and what they think would be the ideal hospice nurse.  (Ask yourself if you have what they're looking for.)  Ask them if you can shadow a hospice nurse for a few days.

In the meantime, please don't accept another position that you can't commit to for at least a year.  No employer likes a job-hopper, no matter how ideal you might be for that particular position.


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