Would like to try hospice

  1. Ive been an ER nurse since 2009 and it is time for a change. How could I get into hospice nursing? I live in the San Diego area.
    Thank You!
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  3. by   Chibi-chan
    I would just look for hospices in your area. I was hired in December as an RN Case Manager by a hospice company that I found on Indeed.com. There are many large, national hospice companies (like the one I work for) and other, smaller companies. I can tell you that my company absolutely LOVES to get their hands on prior ER, ICU, and Triage nurses for our On-Call positions. I would just go to Indeed, type in "hospice nurse" and set your search for the San Diego area. I got a link for you: Hospice Nurse Jobs, Employment in San Diego, CA | Indeed.com
    Something else I would recommend is going ahead and doing the test to become a Certified Hospice/Palliative Care Nurse (CHPN). It's not required in my state (Missouri) but it appears to be a highly desirable certification in your area.