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  1. does anyone have a work sheet you use?
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  3. by   vampiregirl
    What kind of hospice setting are you in (inpatient, home, LTC's etc)?

    When I worked out in the field, the only "worksheet" I kept was to make notes of follow up calls needed and supply requests. Everything else I documented in my visit note. Now I work inpatient and my worksheet is my "brain".

    What worked best for me was to create my own worksheet. I used the worksheets we have available for a week or so, looked at all my co-workers worksheets and ended up making my own. I made up a worksheet that makes it easy to capture the info I need in a manner that "flows" when I am doing my documentation. I also have a master "cheat sheet" that covers things like our narrative documentation requirements as well as some the specific documentation items (for example on pumps we have a scale for sedation that we use in our documentation entry along with rate, concentration, bolus, volumes etc).

    Some of my coworkers use a red pen and a highlighter for certain things. I put notes in certain areas of my worksheet to serve the same function.

    Keep in mind also this will likely be a work in progress to figure out what system works for you.