Where are the hospice nurses?

  1. I have been out of Hospice as a formal nurse +4 years, but I practice as one q day d/t I am the MDS cord at a LTC. I enjoy reading and responding to your questions! Let's get this thread active.................thanks tex
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  3. by   purdue91
    Hello, yes, I also have been out of the Hospice track, but still continue to do the work in the LTC. Hospice is my line of work, but I couldn't take all the driving and low pay I was receiving. So in turn had to change jobs. The rewards I receive are so great and I am so proud that I can help these residents and families. Thanks Tex.
  4. by   jerseyRN
    The work is definitely rewarding, but way challenging... you need all your nursing AND life skills. So I wonder, why are we so poorly paid?
  5. by   renerian
    Tex do you like doing the MDS?

  6. by   tex
    love it 95 percent of the time cf