Tracking IDG for QA

  1. My hospice has the secretary track all the interdisiplinary group notes to match the Plan of Care. It is beginning to take her forever to do this daily. I am interested in how other hospices do the QA for this. My feeling is that RN's, MSW's, HHA's and Chaplin's are adult enough to be able to track their own. If the plan of care calls for three RN visits then it should be the RN to monitor her/his self to see that it is done. What are your feelings? and How does other Hospices do it???
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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    QA done several times a yr...some current charts, some d/c charts...they are URed/QAed at that time....Case manager should be auditing her/his own charts at time of d/c, or whoever breaks down the chart could do it then....