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  1. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all you hospice nurses out there. Some of you who responded to a previous post regarding subQ PCA may recall that my fiance's father has been in inpatient hospice recently. He passed away a week ago and although I guess you can never truly call it a "good death" I believe that he died in the way that he wanted to go thanks to the wonderful care he received from the nurses and cnas at the facility. Our family has tried to thank them all personally but I wanted to give them some recognition here on the site also. Rose, Sally, Wanda, and all of you at the Morris center in Jax, are the best. Words cannot describe the love we have for you.

    Since the experience I have thought more and more about choosing Hospice as a specialty. I want to get some more acute/critical care experience but I truly feel called to palliative care. Thank you all again.
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