Questions about hospice nursing

  1. Hi,
    I presently work in home health at the VNA as a per-deim case manager. I usually see 3 to 4 patients a day which works well for me. I am thinking of switching over hospice and was wondering it is common practice to have per-diem case managers in hospice? Also I have been toying with the idea of becoming a nurse practitioner. Are NP's used much in hospice?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   aimeee
    I've seen NP's utilized for Palliative Care programs.

    When you say "per diem" are you saying you got a set amount of pay for one days work regardless of the amount of hours or visits you performed on that day? If so, I would think that is pretty unusual. Most of the programs I know of pay either hourly for case management or their staff is salaried.