Preparing for a hospice RN career

  1. [FONT="Arial"]Hello- I am a second year ADN student who will be graduating in June. :hatparty: I have been working for two years as a home health aide for HH and hospice patients. I plan to work Med- Surg for a few years after I graduate. I also intend to get my BSN. What else can I do so that I will be the best possible hospice nurse? This spring I will be doing my preceptorship. We can't do hospice, home health or wound care (it must be an inpatient position). Would oncology be the best option to prepare me for hospice? Any feedback is appreciated.
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  3. by   neenee
    Just the desire is the greatest start. Working in Oncology for awhile is a great way to understand what patients have gone through, before the time they need to be admitted to Hospice. Your med/surg background will help prepare you for helping those patients in end stage (Cardiac, Respiratory, Renal, etc.) disease. Those areas will allow you to be a great asset to any Hospice program. Hey, congrats on completing school and best of luck with your career