New Hospice Nurse

  1. It seems that I've been led out of the land of critical care into the work of hospice. This morning I took an offer that was my first choice of all the agencies I met with. I'm happy to join the ranks of hospice nurses and welcome your fellowship and advice. I start at the beginning of February. Any advice for preparation?
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  3. by   river1951
    If you've never done home care before, prepare your self for the idea you won't be in control any more, you will be in the patient's territory and the care plan has to work for the patient not visaversa. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   Sue Damonas
    Welcome!! It can be very hectic but there is a great deal of satisfaction with it. You really feel like you're helping your patients and their families.
  5. by   jessica
    I would recommend the book Final Gifts. It's amazing and will give you a glimpse of what you will be experiencing. Congratulations!!!!!! I'm so excited for you. I have never regretted my transition from the hospital to hospice.