Need demographics regarding dress code, HELP!!!

  1. Hello,
    Our hospice nurses are currently trying to get scrubs added to our dress code and am needing some comparisons from other Hospices. Please send me a PM with your Hospice name, location and dress code regarding scrubs so I can present a sample to our executive director.

    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   SCgirl1962
    Palmetto Health Hospice - South Carolina. We are allowed to wear scrubs or street clothes with a lab jacket over it. I much prefer scrubs - they're more comfortable, don't have to worry about ruining my clothes and our patients like to see us in the bright colors / patterns.
  4. by   andyg
    We live in a rural area in tennessee and all my folks wear civialian attire. We go into many areas that are not that safe and in scrubs you definitley stand out as a healthcare worker (who might have drugs). It is more of a safety issue for our staff and it also decreases the chance that some nosey neighbors will see a "healthcare worker" going into the patients house so they will know they are sick (which some of our patients don't want others to know) andyg
  5. by   nurselearner
    You can do a search under this forum - uniform or street clothes-
    a prior discussion on this issue