Looking for example working care plans...

  1. I am currently on a workgroup for my hospice to re-vamp our current care plans. If you think you have a good care plan that actually guides patient care I would love to see an example (with any names blacked out of course!!). Not sure it is would be alright to post a fax number here, so please e-mail me for number if you are interested in sending me an example.

    Currently our care plan is used more in hindsight, after the fact. We are trying to evolve it into a working document. Any format suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for any input!
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  3. by   bluffdale1
    I, too, am looking for care plans that are user-friendly. Please share with me. Appreciate a bunch.
  4. by   L&DNurseDonna
    Hi. Here is a website I've used for school and clinical assignments. It may be helpful to you.....