just started as a new hpspice lvn

  1. Any input, good things to read or know. I will be covering a small farm / prison worker populalation in california right on the AZ border.
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  3. by   ybanurse
    I hope you love it as much as I do!
  4. by   katie'sangel
    First thing to remember, Hospice is Not Like any other medical field because the Doctor is not calling the shots. I tell my patients, for example speaking to a male patient,
    " I'm just the hospice nurse, I'm not the boss. And the doctor is not the boss. And your wife is not he boss - his comment here is usually "tell her that!"- I tell the patient "Your the Boss"
    Some times a get a response from him like " Your D--- right!"

    But, seriously, remember hospice is comfort not cure. What ever the patient wants with in reason, they can have. Your job is to advice, educate, and assist the family and patient as they travel down a very personal journey. I am simply honored to be allowed assist them in their journey.