Is anyone an HPNA member???

  1. I just got my first hospice job as an LVN. I've been working in a clinic/urgent care since licensed a year ago, I'm keeping my clinic job and hospice will be part time. I'm really excited to start training next week, while looking up "New hospice LVN" a site for HPNA Hospice and Pallative Nurses association popped up. I'm thinking about joining, is it worth it, any thoughts???
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  3. by   PurpleViolet
    I am a HPNA member.(for almost a year now) I guess it really depends on what your looking for out of the membership.I joined to get a discount on my certification exam and testing materials which were expensive.You also get a subscription to the Hospice and Palliative Nursing Journal magazine.I am an avid reader myself but sadly didnt take much interest in the magazine.It appears to be like a newspaper,alot of articles after articles bunched together.If you are interested in attending chapter meetings ect and really becoming involved it may also benefit you to join.Best wishes!
  4. by   Elleveein
    I think I gonna wait and see how it goes. If I end up sticking with it the I'll consider joining.
  5. by   DelanaRN
    I am a member of HPNA also and will ditto what Elizabeth said.