Hospice resource recommendations needed.

  1. A book no longer available -Symptom Management Algorithms: A Handbook for Palliative Care / Edition 3 by Linda Wrede-Seaman was recommended for my new job as an on call ARNP for hospice in a large county program.
    Does anyone have a copy they don't need or want anymore? Are there other comparable resources that would be useful that are to the point for quick reference.

    Thank you in advance for any feedback, pointers and wisdom you can provide. I want to be able to provide the best care for the patients and their families while facilitating treatment for staff. Bless you.
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  3. by   nurse_flo_marie
    I have been out of the hospice field for some years now, but check out nhpco.org for additional resources. It is the organization dedicated hospice & palliative care. Does your company provide you with a quick reference recommendation guide?
  4. by   4hymn
    There are some fact sheets but I was looking for a pocket reference, guide for symptom management.
  5. by   hodagRN
    It's available on Kindle.