Hospice NPs

  1. Is anyone a hospice NP that can tell me how to go about finding a job in that field? I am currently a BSN to DNP student. I have experience as an oncology nurse but my passion is the hospice & palliative patients.
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  3. by   Kabin
    We've had challenges getting good NPs. There's no substitute for lots of experience.
  4. by   susannaDNP
    Hi Im actually at hospice RN. I'm working on getting on DNP online and I feel so lost. Can you explain to me how I can formulate A good DNP project? thanks
  5. by   mother_matters
    Susanna, do you belong to HPNA or AAHPN? If not, I think these would be good places to start with networking and to get a sense of current research going on in our field. Any chance you can attend HPNA's clinical practice forum held yearly in Pittsburgh in the fall? There is one track for RNs and one track for APNs. Seems like it would be a phenomenal opportunity for a DNP student to make important connections. Are you a member of Sigma Theta Tau? They have a special online forum for members working in Hospice and Palliative Care to network. Good luck! Hope you're also getting support/guidance from your program---that's what you're paying for!