Hospcie Certification

  1. Does anyone know if there is a book that one can purchase and study for the Hospice Certification Exam. Like the N-Clex books tha
    one uses to study for the RN boards
    I would be insterested in purchasing one
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  3. by   radiann
    We had JACHO just a few months ago and the question of hospice certification came up. Their response was that cert in this feild was infrequent, out of favor with the powers that be, and not to bother. For what it is worth, that effectively ended our search and ability to become certified as the adm would no longer support this activity.
  4. by   pammyf
    This reply is about 7 months late, but i just saw it! WOW we are about to have the gestapo (i mean joint commission) come. It is a shame your boss believed and embraced Joint Commission. The organization is a guise for "goodness, standards yadeda" but in actuality they are a huge reason why health care cost are driven up. I am working on an editorial currently to help define my point, but not for this thread....anyway
    My point is: hospice certification is a wonderful thing to obtain. Your knowledge base is either increased or at least reinforced. (maybe the ignorant joint commission person failed it herself). Knowledge is ALWAYS beneficial. A shame that your boss is using JC as an excuse not to reinforce her staff. The nursing profession is not enhanced by such fools. Maybe you can try again. The Hospice and palliative nursing journal is so incredibly supportive of current issues and trends. Does your bose not subscribe to such journals? I wish you success.