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  1. Hi!
    Just curious to see peoples' home patient to facility(SNF/ ALF) patient make up/ ratio. I work for a small agency, Out of 54 patient census (this is actually very low for us), only 8 are home patients. Personally I case manage 20 now and 3 of those are home patients.
    Although I like caring for the patients residing in the facilities and have very good relationships with staff, I REALLY love home patients! I do wish we had more, but with a case load of 19-27 I'm sometimes glad we care for more patients living in facilities.

    What's your make-up at your agency?!
    Do you wish it were different?
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  3. by   dshirley22
    My caselod is 12, 6 are facility, 6 are home pts. I prefer facility pts to home pts.