CHPN,LN,NA, AP exam Saturday?

  1. I found it difficult - results could go either way for me. I studied - I know (thought) I knew a lot - but there were questions I felt were out of left field and the answers very strange. I'm familiar with in-pt hospice care - and some of the questions relating to home-hospice were unusual and some I felt would be a policy of the individual facility you worked with.
    5-6 weeks to wait??? In this age of instant gratification and computer scoring?? AARRGGHH
    Anybody else feel confident, not-so confident, or so-so?
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  3. by   Wenge8181
    I agree. That was the most difficult test I have ever taken. These are going to be the longest 5 to 6 weeks of my life. I felt that many of the questions were non sense and the responses didn't make any sense. I have been a hospice nurse for 3 years. What makes it worse is that everyone told me I would do fine..that just increases the stress. I feel like my grade could go either way. I studied so hard and felt like I was ready, but there was hardly anything on that test that you could link up to the HPNA core curriculum or study guide. I wish I could find national pass rates for that test. I hope you passed.