advanced practice degree programs in palliative care?

  1. does anyone know of universities offering advanced practice degree programs in palliative care nursing? i've seen snipets of information in a couple of places indicating their existence (one in NY?) but have been unable to locate info. thank you in advance.
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  3. by   teamrn
    I'd love to find out about AP programs in palliative care nursing, but since I just found your post, and see you're a regular on the Nursing Spectrum BB( I'm Annie ), I'll catch up w/ you there or on another BB. See your name quite often. Ciao, Annie
  4. by   ikelly
    There is a program at New York University in New York City.
    Try the address
  5. by   SAE
    Yes, there is a good program at Ursuline College, Breen School of Nursing in Pepper Pike, OH - near Cleveland. It is a Master's in Palliative Care for nurses. Contact Denice Sheehan - for more info.


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