ACHPN 2-volume core curriulum

  1. I recently passed the ACHPN certification test and have the two-volume core curriculum which I'd like to sell for $50. About a dozen pages have markings, rest are clean.

    This is all I studied in order to pass the test.

    I apologize in advance if I am violating a rule about selling on the website!
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  3. by   Maria8.
    Interested. I just registered for site, so unable to text message. I can't remember my original account info since it was about 10 years ago.
  4. by   TammyG
    just sent you an email Maria!
  5. by   sshari01
    Hi Tammy, is this book still available? I have the old version and did not pass the exam. Did not study as much as I should have and really need some guidance.

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