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Hospice Nursing ?

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by Matikins RN Matikins RN, BSN (New Member) New Member Nurse

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Is it easy to navigate from home health nursing to hospice nursing ?

I have been working in home health for the past 6 years and have served in numerous roles from Field RN, Case Manager, DON, and Administrator. I have been thinking about transitioning to hospice nursing but fear the unknown per say. I feel like I will have a moderate knowledge gap and have to go through Benners levels of nursing . Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated. 


Thanks Yall :]

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Kaisu has 2 years experience.

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I started in home health and transitioned into hospice.  There was a learning curve for sure, mainly in hospice medications and a good understanding of what is covered and what is not in terms of DME, etc.  Not withstanding, I was better prepared than nurses coming in off the floor.  I had the logistics of delivering care in the home down cold.

I think with your extensive home health experience, you will kill it. erm - pun unintended


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