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Hospice and the MDS

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I have 2 questions

1. If a resident goes on Hospice but dies 2 days after the ARD (day 8)does the MDS still have to be done? Usually if the resident is d/c before the due date of, for example, an annual MDS, we close it out and write a note saying why it wasn’t completed. But I’m being told that Hospice regulations are different from regs for a regular MDS and a Hospice MDS must still be completed. Makes no sense to me! No one will benefit from it and he no longer needs a plan of care!

2. If a resident is on Hospice and goes out to the hospital section 12(unrelated to Hospice), and returns to the facility 5 days later, and continues on Hospice starting on his readmission date,  must a change of status MDS be completed?

Thank you!

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1. You are correct. There is only one guideline to follow, RAI p2-20 bullet 1.

2. SCSA is not required since there is no change to Hospice election.

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