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Hi! I am currently a community college student and am planning on transferring sometime soon (probably only have one semester left in community). I am taking quite a few honors classes this upcoming semester and was wondering if honors classes are even acknowledged or even make a difference in your chances for getting into the cal states for BSN? I didn't see that any honors courses affected the point system in any way but I am not entirely sure about that. Is it a bad idea that I am making my semester more challenging with these honors courses and possibly by entering into the honors program at my community college, or will it not really make a huge difference if any difference at all, with my chances of admission? Thanks!

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Hi @angsalerno

I would suggest reaching out to the schools directly to get the answer. Overall I would lean towards getting better grades vs honors courses. Nursing schools usually look for and weight the core science prerequisites most highly: Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Chemistry, and sometimes Statistics/Math.

Focus on a these courses, have a high overall GPA, and a well rounded application.