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Homework Help... I don't get it?!


Hey ya'll!!!

So- I was excited that my Community Health teacher gave the whole class a 2hr lunch break yesterday, so we could take part in a historic moment, the inaugeration of our 44th president- BARACK OBAMA:yeah:. But in return we have a homework assignment... I need to write a moc-letter to Senator Tom Daschle (Secretary of Health & Human Services, Director of Health Care Reform) expressing how we feel about the way health care reform will affect me as a professional nurse in the near future. And i'm a little embarrassed to say :confused:- I really don't know how health care reform will affect my nursing career... Right now I'm all for health care reform, b/c I know what its like to need medical care and not have any insurance- free care HA!!! that wasn't an option for me. But I don't know how reform will affect my future salary, work hours, or career as a whole. I'm familiar with most of the details in President Obama's reform plan, but its a "plan". Things could change, ideas can be adjusted, and new details may be introduced by the time I graduate in May ...

Can anyone offer me any thoughts about how I can complete this assignment without looking like an ignorant nursing student that has no idea what's instore for her professional future???

Thanx! newG

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