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Home Health survey from University of Penn for CA, NJ, FL and PA RN's


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From Home Health Quality Improvement National Campaign

Attention RNs & NPs in California, New Jersey, Florida, and Pennsylvania

Home health survey from University of Pennsylvania

The November HHQI Inside Edition highlighted a study related to home health environments and the prediction of hospitalizations and other outcomes. The study was conducted by University of Pennsylvania using survey data from home health RNs in three states.

The university is pleased to announce the launch of the RN4CAST-US study which will survey Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners holding active licenses in California, Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. They will survey more than 250,000 nurses total (30% of RNs and 50% of NPs) about patient care and nursing practice in order to generate evidence about how nurses make a difference for patient outcomes.

Watch for a survey if you live in one of the four states.

I received my survey in the mail today. I was interested to see that one of the questions asked if I had a work space at my HHA. ( I don't and it irritates me to no end.) Does anyone know why they are asking this and what it is a indicator of?