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I am curious about home health scheduling. Are you required to be on call all the time? Or can you set your schedule in advance for the week? I am really interested in entering HH but don't want to always be on call. I heard the scheduling is flexible.


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It depends on what you agree to when you get hired by the home health agency. I am not "on-call" but when I was a new-hire, they would call anyway...begging me to fill in for a spot because they needed the coverage. (Just listen, then say "no".) My scheduling is set, but if the mommy (Primary Care Giver) decides to drop our agency and start with someone else, then I have to find a new client...probably with different hours/days. 

Typically, there's plenty of work & shifts available. I once had a mommy drop our agency with no notice at all! (not very nice). I wasn't able to pick up a shift the very next day but it didn't take long to get back on track with a new client (who was much nicer).

I'm glad that I made the switch to Home Health. It's worked nicely for me for a couple of years now.

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I was offered a position with a home health agency. So my offer goes something like, there are 3 full time RNs (including me as a brand new new hire with no experience in HH). So we will have a call rotation. If we don’t have someone contract for the weekends only then we will be on call every 3 weeks for a week at a time. My schedule will be 8-5 Monday-Friday (of course at some point after orientation I may tweak that). So on my call week I will be the nurse that responds to all 7 counties after 5 and on weekends. I don’t start until January as I still have to take RN boards but this is what we’ve discussed on what I agreed to when I signed the offer letter.