wound care supply formulary

  1. Asking for sample lists of wound, ostomy, and continence supplies that are part of your HH agency formulary. Any duplicates (fluffs and gauze, different types of hydrocolloids, etc.) that you carry. Please be as inclusive as possible. Wondering if I carry too much in my closet. Looking for "standard". Thaks for your help.
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  3. by   renerian
    I tried to get the company I used to work for to do a formulary. They never did. They ordered what the client needed delivered to their home. No stock supply. It was hard especially when the client had no dressing supplies!

  4. by   amesly15
    I have a formulary. Mostly it tells what to use...like saf-gel and duoderm.
  5. by   CWOCN
    is it possible for you (amesly15) to share your formulary with me? You can reply to me offline if you want. Appreciate any help.