Requirements for home health nursing

  1. Hi, I'm thinking about going into home health nursing,and wondering what are the requirements to be a home health nurse? Do I have to have a BSN or an ASN is ok? Do I need at least 1 year of hospital experience or no experience at all? Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   cookie102
    my agency requires at least 6 months of experience, any degree of RN is OK with us.....welcome to home health, sure you will love it!!
  4. by   cherricka
    AS or BS-to be a field nurse. You need a BS if you want to be a supervisor (no thanks!) Our agency requires at least one year of acute care hospital experience. You work alone, (with a supervisor as a back up, just a phone call away) and need to be very sure of yourself and your assessment skills. You also need to be proficient with your organization skills and communication.