Postpartum depression

  1. I am studying Postpartum depression. Has anyone noticed this in their daily practice?

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  3. by   evelyn
    To Linda,
    We have seen patients with postpartum depression in homecare, as they are referred to our program (Behavioral Health), especially when there is safety risk involve in both mother and
    newborn. Patients demonstrate typically signs and symptoms of depression and will need Psychiatric Evaluation with a psychiatrist for appropriate treatment plans. We follow our specialty guidelines in servicing the needs of such patients.
  4. by   RobinM
    Not only have I had a PPD patient to take care of, I've also suffered from one myself.
    My current pt. is so guilt-ridden over a correctable birth defect on her son that she hasn't been out of the house, except to the doctors, since his birth 6 weeks ago. It requires alot of patience and repetition to take care of her. If you want a patients view of PPD e-mail me.