Post CAGB assessment?

  1. Hi all! Just wondering for some input from seasoned nurses as I am still a pretty new nurse (2 years) I do HH PRN, and I was asked to visit at Pt post CABG .

    Just wondering if you could tell me a snapshot of what you would do during your home visit in case I'm missing anything/
    Thank you!!
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  3. by   grateful_RN
    Medication review will be important as most CABG pts have many changes to their bp, anticoagulant meds and will also probably have pain medication.
    Good cardiac assessment as pts with CABG are more prone to converting to AFIB, assess for cp, skin color, bp and pulse to all extremities (incl apical)
    Pain will be a concern due to nature of procedure.
    !!Diet - especially low cholesterol and sodium foods!
    S/s to look for such as excess fluid overload, s/s of heart attack, what to do/who to call if abnormal findings and
    education on activity level and energy conservation