New Grad LPN in Home Health?

  1. Ok everyone. I need some advice. I've been offered a position with a Peds Home Health Agency (upon successfully passing my boards). I honestly never thought I'd even be considered being a new grad and all, but lo and behold they made an offer.

    My questions are these...have any of you started your careers in home care (absolute first nursing job)? If so, what did you find most difficult? Would you do it again? What are the pros and cons of home health?

    I'm really liking the idea of home health but I guess I'm a little scared about being out there by myself. I know they'll give me an orientation and shadowing and all that good stuff. One of my instructors told my class to not even CONSIDER doing home health before we had less than two years in a hospital and that kid of worries me. I mean she swore by our skills but she said that home care was NO place for a new grad. All thoughts/suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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