LPN case management in HH??

  1. What is this? I have seen ads in the paper for LPN case management and have no idea what position this is and what the duties are. Any info. would be helpful, thank you.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Look on the forum for threads/infor concerning case mgmt. The job description and duties depend on the perspective of the beholder. The more a nurse does concerning the case from direct pt care to dealing with MD's, making changes, dealing with the insurance co case mgrs, and whoever does mgmt/supvr duties at the agency, the more she/he can be considered "managing the case". There are many LPNs who literally do everything short of signing documents that must have RN signatures, in a case, and refer themselves as case mgrs. This happens often when there is only one nurse or maybe two to cover 24/7 care and the pt/family has relied on the person for a long time. The ads that you refer to could also refer to some kind of administative position where a person is "managing the nuts and bolts of cases". You might call and inquire about the job responsibilites for clarification.