Kaiser HH?

  1. I am currently working for an agency which mostly deals with Medicare patients. I am interested in how working for Kaiser hh would be? My current agency also is not unionized, and I know that Kaiser is unionized and that the union there is quite strong. I'm wondering if that would affect the amount of "overtime" among other things.

    Has anyone worked in HH through the Kaiser system? Would you recommend?
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  3. by   TrueAtHart
    I have worked for KPS and I loved it...The only reason I left was because my husband was transferred in the NAVY..thats how it goes...but I have to say in 16+ years in nursing..My Favorite Job was Kaiser...They are top at keeping the employee happy, valued, payed well and they know our families are important too..If you get a chance to work for them TAKE IT! The benefits are amazing they were all front loaded the day you start and FREE! Good luck!