Is She Really a "Psych Nurse"???????

  1. OK could someone please tell me what the qualifications are to see a home health patient with a primary diagnosis that is Psychiatric.

    The majority of nurses I know who call themselves "psych nurses" in home health are not certified psychiatric nurses.

    Please! Please! clarify this for me
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  3. by   tuesday4
    Certification usually involves taking a test with a passing score. I have never worked in a hospital or facility that requested certification. I have 15 yrs of very solid psychiatric experience with ongoing inservices and testing done by all facilities. I have a BSN in nursing and a BA in Sociology and Psychology. I even did my student rotation in psych at Herman Hospital, Houston, TX, a very good place for "experience". Many nurses do wound care but are not wound certified and the list could go on. Psych is part of course work of any BSN program and I assume it is also for an associate program as well. Hmm if certification becomes mandatory I would have no problem taking the required test. I consider myself a psych nurse.