Ideas for computer documentation system that works!

  1. I co-own a home health agency in oklahoma. We are not computerized!! Does anyone have information about laptops, software that works really for home health nurses? Tell me some things your agency does to improve documentation efficiency.
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  3. by   nursesearl
    3 systems that I know of- 3M (ClinDoc), McKesson, Lewis. I am only familiar with ClinDoc. If you got info from these companies, they could tell you what kind of computers you need. I can tell you from personal experience, the smaller the better. We already have enough "stuff" to carry in the home. Having a big, heavy lap top is not conducive to good home health nursing!
  4. by   rands03
    My agency is located in Houston, Tx. We use a program called Kinnser, this is a secured internet site, you can access it from any computer. Everything can be done here including OASIS, Nursing Notes, Therapy evals & notes, scheduling, e-mail, & billing.