How do I get started in HH

  1. As a graduate nurse I hear about ALL the nursing jobs out there, but they really funnel down when you cross out all those positions looking for experienced nurses. I further like to complicate things because I have never seen myself as a floor nurse, and have worked as a case manager in the community, and would like to get STARTED in HH from the beginning! How do I do that? I am in San Francisco and looking for jobs everyday. And how do you find a specialty, i.e. geriatrics or women's health, within the field? Thank you for the insights!!!
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  3. by   RNSacht
    I would luv to see who responds to your post. I have been on a busy tele floor for 7 months now. I am approaching 40 years old and I realize I cannot floor nurse forever. I do like it but I just dont think I will be able to keep the pace like this forever. I am kind of in my mind thinking of other options. Good luck in your quest.