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  1. I have just taken a job part-time doing home health visits on infants and pediatric patients. What supplies/equipment do you suggest that I carry at all times? I would like to make up a little "medical bag".
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  3. by   ksb13
    Our agency supplies both the bag, equipment and "medical supplies". Dressings, fc, etc are charged to the pt for tracking and billing purposes. Our nursing bags contain: personal protective equipment (cpr mask, gown, gloves, etc) bp cuff, stethoscope, vp supplies, drug book, scissors, measuring strips, alcohol pad, hand wash, generic dressing supplies. I carry a flashlight, tape measure, lab slips. I have a "tote box" (big rubbermaid type container) in my trunk with fc, iv, dressing, saline, etc supplies to be charged out to individual patients as needed. Hope this helps.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Add supplies for obtaining billirubin labs, Tongue depressors, sterile qtips. Baby scale.

    Should round out the above list.