HH Agency in Chapel Hill, NC

  1. BEWARE there's an agency in Chapel Hill, NC, that is terrible to work for,
    I've only been there 6 months, and in that time, they've gone through 2 CNA's, 3 LPN's and 6 RN's. Sounds more like fast food restaurant than health care. (ps--I'm leaving too). There's management, then there's Management, it's a shame that these people can never accept the responsibility for anything that they do wrong, but always accept the credit whenever anything goes right. I realize that society has changed to a "blaming" game, but it's wrong to do in health care. These people will blame anyone and everyone for their problems, too bad they can't see the problem right smack in front of their faces. The personnel turnover should
    give them a clue. Any suggestions as to how to let them know?
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