Have to share this new idea with busy nurses . . .

  1. I just learned about a new concept for caregivers who want to have more control of their hours, salary and commute time. It's a web site called americancaregiver.com and it uses the internet to link caregivers with care seekers (private and public) in your vicinity needing your specialized skills. The site is still in progress, but you can join for free right now. As a busy mom of two, I'm excited to see what opportunities develop for me in my region when the site goes full throttle. Just had to share the info with other caregivers!
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  3. by   cade
    sfleck, after reading your post and seeing that you are from ga, i checked into americancaregiver.com. it is all you said and so much more. i have been looking for a way to control my hours and jobs and it fits the bill. i've signed up and look forward to starting back to work soon. they say should be mid-nov. thanks for the info!