From psych nurse to home health?

  1. I have a couple of years of psych nursing experience, and one year working in a jail. So, I do have SOME medical assessment skills. Are there any psych nurses out there who transitioned successfully to home health (with proper orientation)?

    I have been offered a job in home health palliative care with 2 to 3 months of orientation. Thoughts?
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  3. by   BBP42
    My (regular med/surg type patients) home health employer has a program where they take on and train new grad nurses, I believe the length of time for that is about 3 months. So far it has had good results. I would think you would be at least as prepared as a new grad going in, and able to get up to speed with an orientation of that length if you are willing to do the work. Why not take the chance? I wish you luck!