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  1. I am a home health/labor and delivery RN.
    I am currently investigating setting up a program that would offer in home fetal monitoring for high risk patients so they could receive the necessary testing, NST and etc. in the home. I feel this is a very beneficial service since these patients are mostly on bedrest and a trip to the clinic or hospital could cause problems for them. I would appreciate any info or advice out there. Thanks =O) What I am wanting is basic info on operation. Would really like to contact an agency currently doing this. I don't need a lot of specifics at this time. We ar just trying to work in a program like this into our 3 yr budget outlook. Thanks.

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    I'm not sure of where you're located, but here on the east coast (USA) there are a lot of companies doing home uterine monitoring (HUAM) as well as Fetal Heart checks. What kind of info are you looking for?