1. Can a dementia patient sign a home health consent form as well as any other forms signed during a SOC?

    Thank you for your assistance.
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Depends on the patient and/or family. Usually, the healthcare POA or guardian signs papers for those who are too cognitively impaired to know what they're doing, or simply too sick to handle their own affairs.
  4. by   AMN74
    It depends on the stage of dementia. Is the patient deemed legally incompetent? Does that patient have a POA? Does the patient live alone or have a caregiver? Does the caregiver handle the financial and other legal papers for the patient?
  5. by   gmsr
    Thank you both. The patient does not have a POA or been deemed legally incompetent that I am aware. His wife and daughter (per her request) were present to verify all information as he could not state where he lives (even the city from mutiple choice prompts) or the year, nor can he use a telephone