computers in homecare

  1. Is anyone in homecare using laptop computers yet? How long did it take to get things up and running? Does it really seem to make a difference in the paperwork? Also, with the advent of PPS and Oasis have your agencies experieenced a lot of turnover? It used to be that nurses were knocking down doors to get into homecare,now a lot of our seasoned RN's can't wait to get out! Any Ideas? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   HHnurse
    I use a plam top, I'd say the documentation takes alittle less time but not much. with oasis it's great because with a click you can see if you've missed anything and it also give you a PPS payment for the oasis you've just done.

    The part I love best is I can download and upload chart from my home or a pt and don't have to go into the office as much.