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  1. I am conducting a research study on the use of computers and the Internet in home health care and hospice agencies. Participation in this study in voluntary. If interested, please complete this short survey at:
    Thank you!
    Carol O. Long, Ph.D.,R.N.
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  3. by   cade
    i wanted to share with you one way computers and the interest are being used in home healthcare. i recently registered with a new online healthcare site. it's called . this site uses the internet to link caregivers with care seekers
    (private and public)in area. Caregivers from over 35 specialty are represented on the web site. the site is still in progress, but is expected to be up in a few days. caregivers may join right now for free. this opportunity was tailor made for busy working moms like myself who wish to have the freedom of choosing their own hours and wrking conditions. obviously, without the internet, this sort of opportunity would not be available.