Changing my Career to Nursing

  1. Hi
    I'm a sri lankan recently applied for a pre nursing program in CA. I git my F1 visa rejected saying that I don't come from a medical background.

    I work as an accountant and I'm sick and tired of this job. I wanted to open up a home care for elders and specialize myself in elderly care. The visa officer simply rejeted saying I was not from the medical background.

    How can a person get a medical background when its just applied for a pre nursing program. I dont understand. Probably he is an old american who doesnt know the american education system. Wonder why they keep such amateurs as visa officers.

    Please help me. This is my motive . I wanted to do pre nursing program and then do my ADN and then transfer to a 2 years at Unicersity to do my BSN.

    Is this enough to start a home for elders with health care services?

    Appreciate your help
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