Breaking In!!!

  1. I have been a nurse on a med/surg floor with pediatric experience for two years. My resume is quite impressive and I feel I have the skills and experience it takes to go out into the new world of home health care. HOW?? They are always looking for experienced home health nurses. How do you get the experience if you cant Break In? Suggestions to this would be so helpful..emails are fine too. Thank you!!!
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  3. by   barbara
    Hi Kat... a lot of places will hire per-diem.. its a good way to break in.. find out if you like it too... there is a strong homecare need for pedi nurses..keep looking!
  4. by   katnart
    Barb, thanks for the vote of confidence. I was actually considering part time work in home health with a full time hostpital position if I cant do it the other way around. Thanks for the support. Will let all know how it goes.