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  1. Hi, I'm writing today on behalf of my husband (40+), who got his CNA last year and is now doing Home Care for several men. He is in good shape overall and knows about body mechanics, but has one problem: he is 6 feet tall, and even working with a hospital bed, he has to bend over to do patient care. One patient especially is heavy and unable to help much. I have suggested finding some kind of bench to kneel on at the bedside, or sitting on the bed part of the time, but he doesn't like these ideas! (I was a NA in hospital and did pt care as much as possible in the 20 yrs since - but I'm only 5'8"). Any ideas in addition/instead of using a brace and strengthening the abs? Thank you! Marie
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  3. by   renerian
    Definately not the bench as it was put his center of gravity at high risk for a back injury. If you can share what tasks he does that would help? Do the people have UE abilities or ability to assist with turns?