average pay for HHN in Georgia

  1. I recently took a position as DON of a small home health agency in Georgia and would like to know from Georgia home health nurses', what is the average pay rate. My company pays $30 per visit and nurses are not reimbursed for mileage. When I am trying to staff a case I usually choose nurses that live in that surrounding area, typically a 20-25 mile radius. Many of my nurses are telling me that is on the low end of the pay rate and I wanted to know if this is true. I thought it was good because almost all visits take one hour or less, so it is the same as if you were working in a facility making $30/hour. I really want to help my nurses so if this is not a good pay rate, I would like to have a discussion with the owner to discuss this with him so we can make sure we retain our nurses. All responses are greatly appreciated
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  3. by   passion4people
    The visit rate is fair. Remember location is also considered when factoring wages. I think that it is reasonable for Georgia's cost of living. I will not mention agencies that I know are paying much less in Florida and the cost of living is much higher, especially in South Florida.
  4. by   capri5
    Im not sure if it is a state to state consideration or not but im a homecare nurse in michigan and currently Rn pay is 48 to 55 /hour depending on type of visit plus mileage reinbursement at my current location and im told that is competitive pay .
  5. by   mother1strn2nd
    I think its reasonable as well
  6. by   passion4people
    State, area, type, and location is definitely a factor. I guess I should start packing and head to Michigan.
  7. by   kicnic
    I think they should be reimbursed for mileage...